Product description

Screw type micro air compressor RM-CM, which connects air compressor, gas tank, refrigerant air drier and precision filter into one set through metal pipes. Users don’t need to connect pipes for second times. It is the most economical choice for laser cutting machine users below 6kw. Easy to install and operate.

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Model RM-CM-11/16-1 RM-CM-15/16-1.2 RM-CM-15/16-1.5 RM-CM-18/16-1.5
Power (kw) 11 15 15 18.5/22
FAD (m3/min) 1.0 1.2 1.5 1.85/2.2
Pressure (bar) 16 16 16 16
Suitable power <6kw <6kw <6kw <6kw

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Product advantage

air compressor

Famous Pneumatech refrigerant air dryer

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American famous brand, reasonable dryness, meet the actual production needs, Refrigeration system is more energy saving than the same processing capacity of shell and tube type dryer, plate type high efficiency heat exchanger, make full use of refrigeration.

Five-stage filtration, imported filter core

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Imported filter core, 5-stage filtration, high-efficiency water and oil removal.Filtration accuracy can reach 0.01PPM. High efficiency oil-gas separator, special cylinder design, assembling separation core and oil return device, with service life 6000 hours.

Oil filter which has low pressure design, service life up to 4000hours. High filtration accuracy can effectively protect bearings and screw rotors. The air filter will not change the air flow direction when filtering, and it will directly pass through the filter to reduce pressure loss. It is more energy-efficient than traditional air filters,has a large filtering area , higher precision and long life. 

Air compressor
Air compressor

Large mainframe computers , 2 years warranty

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Mainframe adopts large rotors, low speed design,high efficiency, low noise,low vibration,high reliability, small compression ratio, small leakage and high cubage efficiency. 

Main motor was carefully selected an IP55 high-efficiency energy saving permanent magnet motor,which is according to the application needs of air compressor. It’s all reached the international first-class energy efficiency standard. Torque and loading can meet special design standards to optimize motor efficiency and power coefficient under load conditions. Comparing to other motors, the optimized coefficient efficiency is about 5%-8%. 

Energy-saving , Silence working , technology from Taiwan , No liquid leak

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Using frequency converter to adjust the speed, energy saving and power saving can be as high as 42%, which is the most energy-saving air compressor.

Purchase cost ,use cost and maintenance cost to achieve the optimal combination, all priority for users.

Air compressor

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