Why do air compressors need to be equipped with air storage tanks

12, 2020

by Max

Why do air compressors need to be equipped with air storage tanks

When using air compressor, it is usually equipped with air storage tank. What's the role of air storage tank play in the air compressor system? Is it possible not to use the gas tank?

1.  Stabilize the pressure

The pressure of an air compressor is unstable and fluctuates greatly when it is working.Use the air storage tank

In order to control the pressure in the appropriate range, eliminate the flow in the pipeline pulsation.With the air storage tank, the compressor output compressed air has a buffer place, so that the air source can be better kept at a constant value, with the gas system can get a constant pressure.


2. Storage of compressed air

There is no place inside the air compressor to store compressed air. Once compressed air is produced, it must be used up. This way of working is not ideal.With the air storage tank, the compressed air from the air compressor can be injected into the air storage tank to a certain pressure, and then used to reduce the pressure to a certain degree, and then the compressor can be started, to meet the demand of sudden increase in the amount of air used by gas equipment, to ensure more stable use of gas.


3.  The role of energy conservation

The frequent start and stop of the air compressor will increase the electrical flow consumption of the motor.With the air storage tank, it can guarantee the automatic shutdown of the air compressor. Under the set pressure, the air storage tank will be filled with air compressor to stop automatically, so that the air compressor will not run all the time and waste electricity.


4. Cooling filtration

The temperature of the compressed air entering the tank is reduced and the effect of cooling the compressed air is achieved.At the same time, it can precipitate the moisture and oil in the compressed air, making the compressed air quality higher.


Based on the above functions, it is certain that air storage tanks must be allocated during the operation of the air compressor.


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