How to know air filter quality

01, 2021

by Max

Guidance how to tell air filter quality

Air filter is an important part of air compressor, which is composed of one or several air filter elements. Its main function is to filter out harmful impurity particles that will enter the screw of the air compressor, ensure that sufficient and clean air can enter the air compressor, reducing the wear of the screw, bearing and cylinder liner, and prolong the service life of the equipment.

Therefore, there is no doubt that Air filter is important for the whole Air compressor. It’s same as “Air compressor ‘s mask”.

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At present, machine quality uneven on the market. How can we tell which one is good?

Some key points list as following, hope it will workable for you.

From the Visual observation, high quality air filter has following advantages:

1.   even blade, no obvious deformation, high blades, high dust holding.

2.   Filter paper surface smoothly without obvious smell.

3.   The good quality cover filter with modest hardness able to avoid dust enter, fit well, no deformation.

4.   The good quality steels cover filter with high accuracy able to fit well.

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From the perspective of technology

1. Filter paper is the main part of filter elements. Frist, it should to chose a right filter paper. For example, filter paper for oil injection screw machine. The world class famous brands are MANN and DONALDSON, their filter paper air permeability can reach 110-160. 

2. Choose suitable polyurethane foam material: Surface with Good flexibility and resilience It has few effected by temperature changing. The compression capacity is not big, and the size is matched with air filter to prevent short circuit of air intake.

3. The Paper folding process is one of the key links in the air filter production.

Regular space between blades:

—Prevent filter paper from sticking—Improve the ash capacity of filter paper

—About sticking of filter paper, Under high humidity, the ash capacity of filter paper will be greatly reduced.

—Test result -service life up 50%.



The quality of air filter will effect result directly. here list some common problems in daily operation.

Q: I am using bad quality filter paper, but I will replace it usually. Is it can achieve some good result?

A: It can not reach same performance. Bad filter paper filtration efficiency is low, there will be more dust particles through the filter element, causing wear on the screw of the air compressor.

Q: Does the air filter element have a longer life will better?

A: It can not only judge quality by service life. The good quality air filter, which have both high filtration efficiently and long service life. Therefore, Our company already taken these two factors into consideration when design and manufacturing.

Q: Will regular maintenance of the air filter improve the efficiency of the air filter?

A: On the contrary, excessive maintenance will not only increase the maintenance cost, but also cause the risk of engine damage due to the following reasons:

Improper operation will damage the air filter.

Incorrect installation steps can easily cause dust to enter the air compressor;

   The initial filtration efficiency is low after each maintenance

   The ash capacity will decrease by 30% ~ 40% after each maintenance


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